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Thread: SuperFetch Do you know about it?

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    SuperFetch Do you know about it?


    I discovered it when I noticed my memory usage kept going upwards of 41% upon launch and startup times were taking 5 minutes. It would start out using low memory and then increase over time.

    I started experimenting with enabling and disabling certain things in my "services" section of msconfig which you can get to by clicking the start button and typing in msconfig A popup screen will come up and then click on the services tab and scroll down and see if you have SuperFetch on your computer. I turned it off and my memory went from 41% usage down to 16% and stayed there upon launch.

    I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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    Τι στον μπ.... Τι μποτάκι είναι αυτό, κάνει copy paste threads από άλλα forum, wtf
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    Η Νίντι λίγο το πάει αλλιώς, ε, έχουμε τον Ραμπ εκεί να ψιλοτρολάρει.

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