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Thread: Do you prefer to play one game at a time or multiple?

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    Do you prefer to play one game at a time or multiple?

    Hi all,

    It really depends on the games in my opinion. But I usually like to play one game at a time. It generally enables me to get the maximum experience possible.


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    Yes but no

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    Last night I was with my girlfriend and afterwards I did not hear what to do. He sows, smokes the stick of her cigarette. At that moment I felt slightly squalid. On the one hand, I was seeing this eclectic thing, but I did not have to go any further. What did he want? 2nd round? I did not think, I got finished. Do we discuss? He honestly did not know what to do. Eventually she was offered to go to bed and this was agreed in a more lewd style.

    I still wonder if I checked correctly. Are you sure or do not know just the choice?
    Horny sex, but after WHAT?

    Serious answers as I please.

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    Usually I play one game to focus better. But sometimes I start a second game on mobile for when I'm slacking off at my permanent public sector job. It's always interesting to have different options to play, when for example you are drinking Frappé is different occasion than were you are munching on your tzatziki gyros.

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